19 May 2016

{Spotlight} Of Better Blood by Susan Moger

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This lovely little gem arrived on my doorstep not too long back. It’s been eyeing me from my shelf next to my desk, begging to be read. I’m sure I don’t have to explain this to many, but as a blogger I am so behind on everything right now – particularly after getting home from BEA – that I’m nearly in physical pain waiting to crack it open. I’ll be getting to it soon, but in the mean time I have to share it with you because I know you’re going to want to read it as well!


Of Better Blood
Author: Susan Moger
Release Date: February 1, 2016
Publisher: AW Teen Pages: 304

Teenage polio survivor Rowan Collier is caught in the crossfire of a secret war against "the unfit." It's 1922, and eugenics the movement dedicated to racial purity and good breeding has taken hold in America. State laws allow institutions to sterilize minorities, the "feeble-minded," and the poor, while local eugenics councils set up exhibits at county fairs with "fitter family" contests and propaganda. After years of being confined to hospitals, Rowan is recruited at sixteen to play a born cripple in a county fair eugenics exhibit. But gutsy, outspoken Dorchy befriends Rowan and helps her realize her own inner strength and bravery. The two escape the fair and end up at a summer camp on a desolate island run by the New England Eugenics Council. There they discover something is happening to the children. Rowan must find a way to stop the horrors on the island if she can escape them herself."

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  1. This sounds amazing! I'm also going to have to show it to my fiance so he can see if he can put it in his classroom library. Thanks so much for putting it on my radar!


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