02 March 2016

{Celebrate} Poety Month This April with HarperCollins Childnre’s Books

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Looking for titles to get your young reader, or even yourself, into poetry? HarperCollins Children’s books has some amazing titles that are already out, and upcoming! Check them out.

Picture Books

7652600Honey, I Love written by Eloise Greenfield, illustrated by Jan Spivey Gilchrist

9780060091255– $6.99 – Ages 4 to 8 – On Sale 1/26/2016
To one young narrator, it’s the simple things that mean the most like sharing laughter with a friend, taking family rides in the country, and kissing her mama’s arm. This paperback edition of the classic poem by Eloise Greenfield with illustrations by Jan Spivey Gilchrist is sure to delight a new generation of readers.


65347In the Land of Words written by Eloise Greenfield, illustrated by Jan Spivey Gilchrist

9780064436922– $6.99 – Ages 4 to 8 – On Sale 1/26/2016
A poetry collection of twenty-one new and old treasures illustrated with sewn fabric collages, by the Coretta Scott King Award-winning collaborators, Eloise Greenfield and Jan Spivey Gilchrist. This tribute to the written word invites readers to look within themselves and discover what inspires them.


1275397My Chinatown written & illustrated by Kam Mak

9780064437325– $6.99 – Ages 4 to 8 – On Sale 1/5/2016
Through spare poetry and gloriously rich and detailed artwork, Kam Mak makes Chinatown come vividly alive. Through the viewpoints of the cobbler on the street and favorite foods like pickled kumquats and curried squid, Kam reveals the many stunning viewpoints about this amazing culture. Kam shares a year of life in this small city within a city, and a young boy trying to grow up American, but never forgetting his rich Chinese heritage.

25816177This is the Earth written by Diane Z. Shore, illustrated by Wendell Minor

9780060555269– $17.99 – Ages 4 to 8 – On Sale 2/23/2016
In their signature spare, rhyming verse, the authors deliver a non-fiction picture book that powerfully describes a timely topic being discussed around the world every day. This is the Earth takes readers on a journey through hundreds of years as it explores how humans have affected the environment and shows the ways in which we can all care for the planet.


Middle Grade

26074183The Secret Destiny of Pixie Piper written by Annabelle Fisher, illustrated by Natalie Andrewson
9780062393777 – $16.99 – Ages 8 to 12 – On Sale 5/3/2016

Pixie Piper knows she’s different from other girls. She’s a descendant of the great poet, Mother Goose, and Pixie knows that someday the Goose Ladies will take her away and train her to be just like them. There’s just one problem—Pixie doesn’t want to be a Goose Lady. She just wants to be a normal fifth grader, one who doesn’t make up rhymes and is cool enough to hang out with Sage Green and her new golden retriever.


Young Adult

23266647Ask Me How I Got Here written by Christine Heppermann
9780062387950 – $17.99 – Ages 14 & Up – On Sale 5/3/2016

Addie’s future is laid out in front of her—become the best runner in the state and go to college on a cross-country scholarship like her older brother. But one moment, one decision, changes everything. Addie finds herself pregnant and faced with an impossible choice—sacrifice her bright future and become a point of shame at her all-girls Catholic school, or end the pregnancy before anyone outside her family knows.



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