03 January 2016

{Product Review} Canvas Wrapped Print from Canvas Champ

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Product Review!
I know I don’t often review things that are not book or entertimament related, but the request for this review came in before the holidays and I wanted to get the post up before hand, becuase canvas wrapped prints are all the rage right now, and I know all my bookish peeps love them…

As you can see, it’s January, the holidays are over and I am now just getting to this post. I swear I blinked and Decemeber just disapperared. I’m still putting up this review because I adore the product, and because Valentine’s Day is coming, and I can’t think of a beter gift for your sweetheart than something that lasts forever – a picture of me a picture of the two of you!

The Review

The good people at Chanvas Champ sent me a 16x20 wrapped print for review, and before I even had the item unwrapped I knew I was in for a treat!



What Makes Canvas Champ Differnt?

I have several different canvas wrapped prints on my walls, from several different places. Canvas Champ had a few things I wasn’t expecting that made their canvas wrap jump to the top of my list.

- Firstly, it’s a full wrap. The image goes all the way around. This might seem like a bit of a “well duh” thing since it’s called a canvas wrap, but I have ordered from a company in the past that has black edges, and if you want the image to go all the way around you have pay extra.

- Secondly, you’re not poking through this thing. Attached the the back of the canvas is a solid piece of board (not cardboard, actual wood) that protects the canvas print. It’s not heavy and doesn't change the look or feel of the item at all.

It’s packaged securely and in a way that after I pulled the photo out, I could easily slip it back in. You see, as I already have several canvas wraps, I gave this one to my sister (pictured with Mickey Mouse) to mark her first trip to Disney World last October.

It come ready to be hung with a metal hook on it and not the strip of wire that some have. I like this, the clips feel a bit more sturdy to me for some reason.

Check Them Out!

Canvas Champ boasts the lowest prices everywhere, and I can tell you no matter how little you pay for one of their images you are getting great quality and fast shipping!

Currently on the site they are offering 85% off all canvases and free shipping on order over $99.!

Don’t want or need any canvas prints? Well, Canvas Champ offers much more!
 Metal Prints, Mosaics, Framed Prints, Pop Art, Photo Collages, Peel and Stick….everything!

Thanks to my pals over at Canvas Champ for the opportunity to review!

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