01 January 2016

{In The Lab} with The Fantastic Four–Science Fun!

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Before they became the Fantastic 4, our favorite superheroes were super scientist!

Thanks to our friends over at Fox, we got to help our kids discover their passion for science with epic at-home science experiments! We received a (super heavy!) box containing four experiments - each one inspired by the characters' super powers! Here’s a peek into out science adventures!

Whats In The Box!?

The packages arrived wrapped in black, like the suits the Fantastic Four wear. Each one was labeled for one each of the four: Mr. Fantastic, The Invisible Woman, The Thing and The Human Torch.


Invisible Ink Pens for The Invisible Woman – complete with black light built in to the end to read your secret messages. (see photo above)

Slime Science for Mr. Fantastic – because he’s all stretchy and stuff…and because slime is FANTASTIC!

Rock Candy Making Kit for The Thing – because he’s a rock…but honestly I don’t think I would suggest biting into him…

Wax Art Candle Kit – for The Human Torch…because he’s hot…I mean he’s…nope I meant that. *wink*


It’s Science-ing Time!

Once opened the girls turned into rabid animals fighting over the rock candy making kit. Since we had a slightly tight time line this night and the kit only made one candy at a time and took days to do so…I use one of my trusty mom cards and announced we would do it another night when we could get the items to make 2 at a time.

After that was sorted, the girls went for the slime kit (Littlest Little) and the candle making kit (Biggest Little) and the science began. Since we had just watched the movie together a few days before this, the kids loved finding the ways that they science kit applied to the character. I’d like to say they read the stickers on the boxes, but they were kids who received wrapped items…they were discarded quickly after them being set on the table for opening.

I Heart Slime



Littlest Little is six, and though she needed help reading and measuring a bit this kit was a ton of fun for her. Just the right amount of messy! The changing of the ingredients as they were mixed in blew her mind! The best part was, the kit came with instructions on how to make several different kids of slime and they were able to make almost all of them!

You Light Up My Life


The candle kit for The Human Torch was the overall favorite in the house. Like sand art, the bags of wax are tiny grains and you pour it into the heat resistant jars that are sent, after placing the wick in of course, and just layer until you have what you want! The kit had 8 total candles so each girl made four and then asked me to buy more jars since we had quite a bit of wax left over.

The girls made three to give away each, family and teachers were the lucky recipients. And they each kept one. They burn really nicely according to the friends that have used them already and I am totally buying this as a gift in the future for friends and their families. It’s a little messy, but nothing a broom cant fix!

That was our science time, we had a blast! Thank you to Fox Home Entertainment for enriching our minds and boosting creativity! We can’t wait to see what’s to come next!

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