12 December 2015

Windows Live Writer Closed! A.K.A Explanation Of Why New Posts Look So Terrible.

By: Me My Shelf And I | 12 December 2015 at 10:24 AM |


Yesterday, with no warning and right in the middle of sending out posts - Windows Live Writer shut down. What is Windows Live Writer you ask? Well for those non-bloggy folk or those bloggy folk who don't use it, it's a second party service that I blogged through for ease of function and to ensure a professional looking outcome.

The closing of Windows Live Writer doesn't prevent me from blogging, but it does prevent me from having a professional, easy to read, and nice to look at posts. You will notice, that things aren't the same in the post before this and the ones coming after it. Bloggers platform is ancient and a test of patience if you've ever used it. Things move when you hover over them, you're allowed 3 size choices for font and images. ext jumps about when you get anywhere near it making it impossible to edit with out screaming at least 3 times a minute.

I've been told that Windows Live Writer is starting a new program to blog through for those who use Blogger called Open Writer - however, they shut down with out that new service being compatible with Blogger, and again with no notice. They have stated that "by early next year" they SHOULD have a fix that allows Blogger to work with it. I'm sure you can see how I'm not really holding my breath for that, and with no actual date set it leaves me breaking out in hives and near tears.

I ask that you forgive the appearance of the posts in the coming days/weeks as I work to find a new way to blog, and potentially swap over to Wordpress where this kind of thing never, ever happens. The trouble is, to transfer my whole blog to Wordpress or even get a new one set up where all my old posts don't follow is a time consuming and potentially expensive process. With the holidays around the corner, it's not something I have the bankroll for.

So please just hang in there with me. I'll do my best to h ave things looking as nice as possible for my wonderful readers and fantastic clients. Fixes are coming - hopefully sooner rather than later!

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  1. Esh. I can't believe that they wouldn't at least send out a notice to their users about the shut down. :\ I hope you find a replacement that you're happy with soon. I hate when I have to get used to something new and to add on the holidays on top of that. No thanks. I made the Blogger->WP move a handful of years ago and it is stressful (if you do it yourself) and expensive (if you hire someone else to do it). I went the do-it-yourself route and wished I'd just forked over the money. I am not computer savvy and I was about ready to pull my hair out.


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