30 December 2015

{Book Review} Unhinge by Calia Read

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Author: Calia Read
Release Date: January 12th, 2016
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Format: Digital ARC
Pages: 240
Rating: 4 Birds

In Calia Read’s electrifying sequel to her steamy, psychological suspense novel Unravel, a visit from a handsome stranger shatters a beautiful young woman’s vision of her picture-perfect past.

Victoria can’t recall much of her life before she came to Fairfax Hospital, but she prefers it that way. She holds her beautiful baby daughter, Evelyn, every day and that’s enough…isn’t it? But when Evelyn is taken from her, Victoria’s world begins to fray at the seams. It becomes apparent to her that the hospital walls aren’t the only obstacles standing between her and the outside world—Victoria has constructed a hall of mirrors deep inside, every false image a distraction from the trauma of her past life. A white picket fence, a family on the way…yet something feels amiss in her memories of a happy marriage. When a handsome stranger begins visiting Victoria, pressing her to remember her past, she struggles to separate real memories from refracted images she has created, knowing at last that only the truth can set her free.

I would have read this book blindly just based on the cover alone. I mean look at it. Combine that cover with the synopsis and you would have to lock me up to keep me away from this book.

There isn’t anything you could want in a book that UNHINGE won’t deliver.  Dark mystery, surprise twists, the slow mental break that leads to answers, danger, suspense and even romance.

Victoria’s life was perfect. Perfect husband, perfect home, perfect everything. As we learn about her perfect life, told in flashbacks as she sits in a mental institution, you can’t help but desperately try to piece together the drop, it has to come and you want to figure it out before it happens. Everyone who loves mystery novels puts in enormous amounts of time calculating the ending, but if the author is cunning and crafty enough than you will never see the ending coming and that is exactly what Calia Read does.

As the book speeds toward the end, and you’re given tiny bits of information that help you piece just enough together to spend a good chunk of time going “Oooohhh!” and “No way!” you’ll be unable to put it down until it’s over.

You need to read Victoria’s story, trust me on this one. Go preorder it now!

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  1. I love the sound of how this one is so unexpected! Lots of plot twists and suspense are definitely the kind of reads I really enjoy. Hadn't heard of this one until now but I will definitely go and further check this one out!

  2. The story became exciting. The thriller truly hits you towards the cease. I certainly like the fact that Victoria isn't always best. She is just as broken as the rest folks. the author would not even try to repair her. I admire that. Sinclair. whilst you location an order with an online writer to your essay, there are several matters that maximum writing businesses have. glance through this listing of standards to make certain you are choosing a reputable author. Best essay writing service.


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