21 October 2015

{Guest Post} Why I'm Afraid Of Everything: Childhood Reading Traumas

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Day 21 of the 31 Days of Halloween on MMSAI is also my birthday. I can think of nothing better to post on this day than an amazing gust post from fellow book blogger Meghann from Becoming Books. She's right on the money with all these!!

Why I’m Afraid of Everything… Childhood Reading Traumas

For all intents and purposes I’m a well adjusted adult but it isn’t without the trauma of childhood horrors. I’ve always loved reading, it made me feel accomplished and pleasing to show up at my school’s Scholastic Book Fair with my bag of change to buy a third of my wish list.

But I can now thank reading scary stories for the reason I’m a 30-year-old who is afraid of everything and always suspicious.

There is mystery killer in the back seat of my car.

Yep! Thanks to Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark I always double check my open trunk and backseat before climbing in the car. I also get nervous when 18-wheelers flash their lights at me. I’m not one to spoil stories so if you want to be a scaredy cat too then read this amazingly scary collection of short stories. Guaranteed to haunt you for life!


Dolls, puppets and dummies are out to kill me.

Thanks to R.L. Stine I don’t do “inanimate” objects that look like people. Nope, nope. We all know when the lights go out it’s less Toy Story and more slasher flick. Shortly after reading this classic my sister got a Mexican marionette from a day trip to San Antonio. It had to go! Just looking at this book cover gives me the heebie jeebies.


I always, always forward that chain letter because kitties.

Christopher Pike is solely responsible for why I participated in the old snail mail chain letters like they were my last breath as a teen. I participated because I value life. Plus, we all know what happens when you don’t do what you’re told.


When walking outside I NEVER, EVER step near drainage or open grates because… IT!

I honestly have a totally irrational fear (or not) of clowns. Just the sight of one makes me cringe and it’s all Stephen King’s fault. After this read I could no longer handle Bozo, circuses, and other shenanigans that involved clowns. They’re evil and out to eat you, end of story.


Wasn’t supposed to be scary but I just can’t.

This classic children’s novel is a staple for many but I found it super creepy. As a result I still have not watched any of the movie (cartoon or not) adaptation. I’m not sure what it is that creeps me out but I just can’t. Sorry Alice, but not sorry, and you really shouldn’t eat cake from strangers.


Also wasn’t supposed to be scary but I scared me into being a square.

Thanks Roald Dahl, I can credit you for scaring authority into my bones. As a result, I’m a square. Rules give me the comfort. I need to know that I’ll never drown in a river of chocolate or be rolled out of a room for touching stuff I shouldn’t be touching. James’ horrors are a close second to the Charlie classic.


Find Meghann and her blog, Becoming Books!


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