26 October 2015

{Children's Book Review} Happy Halloween, Witch's Cat by Harriet Muncaster

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Happy Halloween, Witch's Cat
Author: Harriet Muncaster
Publisher: Harper Collins
Release Date: July 21st, 2015

A little girl believes her mother is a good witch, and she is a special witch's cat. Together, they're out to find the perfect Halloween costume. But what could be better than being a witch's cat?

To create the whimsical world of Witch's Cat, author-illustrator Harriet Muncaster handcrafted miniature three-dimensional scenes using paper, foil, fabric, and other materials, then photographed them for a truly magical look. Readers will love discovering all the dazzling, tiny details in the charming world Muncaster has created.

With plenty of witchy magic and sparkle, this not-too-spooky story is a Halloween treat that will be enjoyed throughout the year.

What's the best part of Halloween – besides the candy overload of course? Picking out your costume!! We all know that it's not always so simple, what with all the choices there are out there, as the little girl in HAPPY HALLOWEEN WITCH'S CAT soon finds out.

The little girl goes through costume after costume looking for just the right one. Each illustration is combination of what looks like actual materials (string, cloth and fabric) as well as hand drawn items. It's a clever and interesting way to illustrate, and I love that it keeps your eyes moving and searching as you see that's really string, or the moms face is drawn.  It's really outstanding!

The book is short, and simple. An easy read for a beginner. And the colorful pages will keep even the squirmiest little one entertained. We loved this halloween read, and I think that you will too!

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