20 October 2015

{Author Guest Blogger} Bookish Halloween Costumes from Kendare Blake

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It's day 20 of the 31 Days Of Halloween and we have a special treat for you today. Author Kendare Blake (Anna Dressed In Blood, Antigodess) is here with some fantastic bookish Halloween costume ideas.

Bookish Halloween Costumes

Suggestions from Kendare Blake

Hello, Me My Shelf & I readers! I was supposed to participate in the “Who is this?” feature and have you guess which author I was in costume as a child, but alas, there are no photos of me in costume as a child because my parents hate me. (Or perhaps because they don’t want to fish through an enormous box of photos to find one of me dressed as a child bride. Seriously. I did that. I dressed up as a bride, and my mom made the costume. We’re both horrified now.) It’s a shame though, because in third grade I dressed up as a fricken killer whale. You are missing out, people.

Instead, Amber kindly offered me alternatives, including “Writing Thriller/Horror: Tips and Tricks” and “Bookish Halloween Costumes” and “The Horrific Halloween You Want To Put Behind You”.

As much as I’d like to tell the story of that time I broke up with my least favorite boyfriend on my most favorite holiday, that doesn’t qualify as a “horrific” Halloween so much as, “The Halloween full of Joy”, so here’s a few Bookish Halloween Costumes (and cautions) that I recommend.

The Vampire Chronicles


Lestat is always a solid choice. He returned to the literary scene this year in PRINCE LESTAT (which is on my pile but is still unread, no spoilers, please!) and is the vampire for the fashion-minded. Just be sure to get your costume from a high quality costume shop, or you could end up accidentally looking like Lucien Callow and Fagan from 90s SNL.

lucien callow and fagan

This is a no.

Also, don’t dress up as the version of Lestat from The Queen of the Damned movie. You’ll be explaining your costume to people all night, and you’ll have to defend the quality of the movie beyond the fine acting done by Stuart Townsend’s abs.

lestats abs

Although it was some damn fine acting.



This is what the apple sees, when you bob for it.

This is the only costume someone could wear that could make me crap my pants with glee. The good news is, all the components for this costume should be readily available at any of those pop up Halloween stores, or Party City. The bad news is you’ll traumatize almost every child who sees you. But hey, it can’t all be pluses. Wear it anyway!


fun hats

Because it would just be fun to wear these hats. What?

Well, that’s all for this year. I hope you get lots of treats, and at least a fair number of tricks because nobody does tricks anymore and that’s half the fricken chant, dammit. I hope you have a fantastic costume. And remember, when all else fails, ruin a white dress by dying it red. Because Anna Korlov always makes a great Halloween costume. Just saying.

About Kendare Blake


So, I write books. Anna Dressed in Blood and Girl of Nightmares are horror, The Goddess War books are mythology, and Sleepwalk Society is contemporary. Different genres, because the world don't move to the beat of just one drum. Love to read, too. Fiction, philosophy, good books, bad books, because you take the good you take the bad you take them both and there you have a stack of books and stuff. I mean, you've got to be adventurous. There's more to life that what you're living, so take a chance and face the wind.

There's more coming soon like Slasher Girls and Monster Boys and Ungodly in 2015, so don't waste another minute on your cryin. We're nowhere near the end.

My likes include animals, food, and nostalgia. I mean, whatever happened to predictability? The milkman, the paperboy, the evening TV? Used to be everywhere you look, there's a heart, a hand to hold on to.

Anyway, I love to hear from readers so drop me a line here or at my website and we'll talk about friends to know, and ways to grow, and great authors to be in charge of our days, and our nights.
We can also talk about all the sitcom theme songs in this bio. Sha la la la.


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  1. I still get freaked out when people are dressed up as Michael Myers. Lol.


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