21 September 2015

{Read-Along} The Bitter Kingdom by Rae Carson Chapters 29-34

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I honestly can't believe it's over. 

My Thoughts On Chapters 29-34

I mean, seriously. I can't believe it's over. I know that I should focus on all the amazing things that happened in these last chapters, the fights, the people lost, the near misses – the caves (which BTW thank you Rae Carson for cementing my fear of small places…) but – it's over.

It's been a really long time since I have read a series where each book is better than the last, but that is exactly what happens with The Girl Of Fire And Thrones series.  While I have to 100% honest and tell you that though eventful and exciting, I wondered in that first section we reviewed if I was going to love this series, or just like it. I can say for sure now, that I loved it.

So much happened in this last section! So many happy things, and sad things. Elisa is the ever strong warrior and leader that I knew she was, and that she doubted she could become. She is no long just a queen, but an Empress by the end.

I felt her sadness and shock when her Godstone fell out. And at such a small thing – but I think that it was a reminder that big or small whatever it is you were made to do is important regardless of it's size.

We have a wedding – a wonderful wedding between Elisa and Hector *happy dance* and I love that it wraps up with that.

I adored this series and if you've not read it you really need to get it, and get it now!

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