10 September 2015

{Movie News} Final Two Movies In Divergent Series Getting New Names

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MTV News just dropped the word that the final two movies in the DIVERGENT movie series will be getting new names.

(From MTV.com: ) "Just like the factions split — and then came back together — at the end of “The Divergent Series: Insurgent,” so have the upcoming two final movies in the series. They were previously called “The Divergent Series: Allegiant — Part 1,” and “The Divergent Series: Allegiant — Part 2,” but now MTV News can exclusively reveal the final two movies in the series will have brand new names once they hit theaters."

MTV also revealed the new logos for the movies – feast your eyes on these beauties. Much like the Mockingjay teaser posters we were so used to getting for the Hunger Games films, these tell us very little…or do they….read on.


(From MTV.com) "The tagline for “Ascendant” is particularly interesting — “The End Is Never What You Expect” — given, as fans of the books know, things don’t end up too well for one of our main characters. So will things change by the time we see the finale on screen? Or is this teasing that non-readers are going to be surprised by the shocking ending?"

Either way, we’ve got to know… Is it March yet? Because waiting for half a year to see “Allegiant” is at least two of the fears in our fear landscapes.

Release dates for the films are set for March 18th, 2016 and March 17th, 2018 – which is just way to long for me. To read the full article, visit MTV.com

Weigh in:

- What do you think of the new names?
- Do you think the book necessitated a split or are they just trying to get all the money they can from the franchise?

As always, do try to remain spoiler free for the fans that have not yet read the final book *wink*

Images are copyright of  MTV News and the Divergent Franchise.


  1. The third definitely did NOT need a split, but this is what they've done with every big last book: Harry Potter (well, that needed a split), Twilight, Hunger Games, they even broke the Hobbit into thee movies, possibly because LOTR did so well as three (but in that case, it was three books). It's a total money grab. As for the name change, strange. I wonder what the deal is there? I really can't fathom.
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    1. I was happy to hear that The Maze Runner won't be splitting the last movie. But then again, they could change their mind....I don't hate having more to watch but the longer they make things, the more they have to change it to fit - you know?

  2. I wasn't excited for the Allegiant movies to begin with - I hated Allegiant. The end of Insurgent held such promise and then Allegiant ruined it for me for SO many reasons. But the fact that they changed the title of the second movie makes me even less excited. Because I highly doubt this means they're going to stick to the original plot and they might even change the ending, which.. Even though I HATED the end of Allegiant, I'd also be angry if they changed it because then it's not true to the book and it's more like a movie "based" on the Divergent series. Also, Divergent stuck SO WELL to the book and I heard Insurgent took a lot of turns AWAY from the book, so.. Yeah, I'm just not really expecting much for these movies now :(

    Also, side-note: So sick of these final book movies being two movies. It's never necessary and part one is almost always boring! Sigh.

    rant over!


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