07 September 2015

{Movie Fun} #SpiesNightIn with Melissa McCarthy

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On Saturday night I live tweeted a #SpiesNightIn event at my house that was graciously sponsored by Fox Home Entertainment. Myself, and a few friends gathered with snacks for a night of giggles and since SPY stars Melisa McCarthy, giggles and full on guffaws were not something we came up short on!


The Pre-Game

With a quick stop into Sisu for a proper SPY hat, attendee Marta took it upon herself so see just how good her skills were at being a SPY.



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The Set Up

Back at base, we gathered around the cheese plate and candy and pigged out while enjoying my Susan Cooper costume. Some more than others. Though, I wasn't stingy – I shared the wig through the night! Each guest got a great gift box full of spy gear and treats!


Watching The Movie


Just getting our Susan Cooper on.

Review of the Movie

Melissa McCarthy never disappoints! Add into that the comedy genius of making her a spy who's been a desk jockey her whole life, who must now go into deep cover, and the laughs come in waves.

Like any good McCarthy movie, you're going to get hilarious one liners, many of which I have stashed away for use some day myself. And the all important cameo from McCathy's husband in real life, Ben Falcone – it's always a blast to see him pop up at the strangest moments.  

I loved seeing Miranda Hart, a British comedian as part of the cast. I have a thing for The Grahm Norton Show, which for those of you unaware is a British chat show, she's frequently a guest on the couch and I've always loved her humor. This cast, which also includes Jude Law and Jason Statham (please don't try to make a drinking game out the swear words in this movie, because with Jason in it, you'll be in the ER in 5 minutes) just wraps it all up for pure perfection.

We stayed in this weekend for a movie night, and it's not to late for you to do the same – grab the move on Digital HD like we did, and spend the last night of this 3 day weekend, laughing your pants off! What a way to start your short work week!

Get the movie on Amazon and iTunes!

Thank you friends at Fox, and Fox Home Insiders for dropping me the goodies to throw this party!
@FHEInsiders, @SpyTheMovie and @FoxHomeEnt


  1. Glad to see you enjoyed it! Jason Statham was so funny! My favorite part of the movie. And I felt like Melissa McCarthy was not the crazy person I was expecting, she was really just great at being funny without being over the top. Statham took that award this time, but in a good way! Great review!

    1. I love Jason Statham! My favorite movie with him will always be SNATCH! If you haven't seen it, you have to - it's hilarious!

  2. This is such a fun post! I love that you guys got wigs and snacks for the movie too :) I loved it when I saw it in theaters, it was hilarious and had surprisingly great action! No idea why the DVD isn't for sale anymore, I wanted to buy it. Glad you enjoyed Spy too!

    1. The DVD isn't actually for sale yet, they did a Digital DH release first, and then the DVD will follow soon. :)

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