03 September 2015

{Children's Book Review} Two New Berenstain Bears Books!

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Both my kids and I love these bears! Between our book collection and the countless episodes of the TV cartoon we've watched, Mama, Pappa, Sister and Brother Bear are like family here!

When these two new titles arrived yesterday, we read them first thing!


The Berenstain Bears: When I Grow Up
Written and Illustrated by Mike Berenstain
9780062350053 – $3.99 – Ages 4 to 8
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The Berenstain Bears celebrate Career Day in When I Grow Up, a brand new 8x8 storybook addition to the classic New York Times bestselling series.
After an exciting presentation at school, Sister isn’t sure what she wants to be when she grows up. But then, a friend of the Berenstains, Professor Actual Factual, takes Sister and Brother Bear on a special Bear Country job tour.
Whether firefighter or artist, farmer or astronaut, there is sure to be a career to capture Sister’s imagination!

I love When I Grow Up Books. I love that my kids can see they can be anything they want, the possibilities, the options. As we go on the Bear Country job tour, my 6 year old promptly decided she wanted to be all of them. When my 11 year old laughed, I reminded her that when she was little she wanted to be: a hair stylists, rock star, vet and a doctor.  All at the same time.
I love that reading this with my littlest reminds her that she can be anything, regardless of any stereotype! I mean, if a bear can be a fireman, so can a girl!

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The Berenstain Bears Are SuperBears!
Written and Illustrated by Mike Berenstain
ISBN: 9870032350091 – $Hardcover $16.99 – PB $4.99
Ages 4 to 8
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When Brother, Sister and Honest Bear pretend to be their favorite super hero characters, the use their imaginations to find adventured all around the house. But when a neighbor falls off his bike, the SuperBears discover the true power of lending a helping hand in their brand new I Can Read story!

My little 6 year old is still struggling with reading and the Early and 1 level I Can Read books are her favorite. This was even better because they were a familiar face and she felt awesome already know their names.  Another big note that she made, other than really loving the book was that this year in school, her teacher had super hero week for each of the kids. 6 wants to be a SiperBear and help everyone when that happens!

What's your favorite Berenstain Bear Memory?

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