16 August 2015

{Children's Book Review} Who Wants Broccoli? by Val Jones

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Author: Val Jones
Release Date: June 16th, 2015
Publisher: HarperCollins
Genre: Children's Picture Book
Rating: 3 Birds

Broccoli is a lovable but rambunctious dog who wants to find a home in this fetchingly fun picture book! Broccoli lives at Beezley’s Animal Shelter and loves to show off his bowl-tossing and tail-chasing skills—and especially his great big BARK!  He dreams of playing in a yard with a boy. But when a boy named Oscar comes looking for his perfect pet, Broccoli is hidden away. Will Broccoli find his perfect home?

With out seeing the cover, you might think this is a book about learning to eat your vegetables, but it is instead about a dog who is in need of a home, but his personality and lack of doggie manners seems to keep people from wanting him.

Jones stirs up this age-old tale of dog needs boy/boy needs dog with the the pet shop owner Mrs. Beasley's motto: "There's a pot for every lid, and a lid for every pot" to express that each of her animals will eventually find the place they belong.  Though they do worry about poor Broccoli.

As an adult, I found this motto sweet – but my 6 year old was just flat out confused. When I explained it was a metaphor she asked "What's a meta for?". Not kidding.  I tried to explain but it was lost on her at 6, as it really should be. The book ends by saying "Broccoli found his lid" and that confused her even more, because he was now wearing a hat…which is also a lid.

While the illustrations and characters are cute, and the story entertained her I'm going with 3 Birds for a review on this since the moral of the story seem to go right over the target age groups head. 

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