{Movie Fun} What’s Your Number–You Have To See This!

By: | Jan 10, 2012



So, What’s Your Number starring Anna Ferris and Chris Pine is out today January 10th! You’re rushing out to buy this movie, aren’t you? I knew it!! See how well I know my readers!!!

In celebration, we have some really fun little widgets and such from Fox Home Entertainment that I HAVE to share with you!



The first, I admit I laughed manically over when I tried it – so much fun…it is….ready…you are going to want to keep this little puppy in your back pocket because it will come in handy…it’s called:

The Douche-O-Meter
If your date or boyfriend is exhibiting some suspicious behavior, this is the test for you!!! Try it,and if you feel so inclined share with me your results in the comments section! Just click the image to get started!!!


Also we have, and which will also come in handy – the

Dating Survival kit

On this link as well you can catch a HILARIOUS preview of the movie, just in case you can’t wait to catch a sneak peak of it before you get back from the store buying it!

Other features on this include: Discovering an Ex on Facebook, and a 2 part segment on Recycling your Boyfriends – hey! It’s 2012 – we all need to bee green *wink* Click the banner below to be taken to the Survival Kit!


Thanks for sharing the movie fun with me today everyone and thanks to @FoxHomeEnt for the great info and movies!

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