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By: | Jan 30, 2012

Today we welcome Megan Curd, author of Forbidden, to our blog as part of The {Teen} Book Scene tour.  This is the last week in the Forbidden tour and we’re kicking it off.  What better way then to get a little gist of what Megan is like?  To see more interviews and reviews, be sure to click on the banner below!

First of all, thank you Megan for joining us today!  You can pick any of these pairings you would like, and if you feel a want to explain, please do! (Quirky things are our thing here at Me, My Shelf and I).

Wall Calendars or Desk Calendars I like those desk calendars that are interactive…like sudoku puzzles or something. I always need something to distract me from what I’m really supposed to be doing.

Red Wine or White Wine White for sure, if we MUST have wine. I’m always down for a good rum & coke or a Sam Adams Oktoberfest. Yeah, I’m a tomboy with my beer.

National or International International. Have I told you about the time I got kicked off the grounds of the Coliseum? Or set off the alarms in the Amsterdam airport? What about when I got kicked out of the Sistine Chapel for taking pictures? How about the time the Italian police yelled at my friends and I for snowboarding somewhere we weren’t supposed to? I’m pretty sure I’m capable of finding trouble anywhere I go, and I don’t even mean to! (Although those instances may sound like it, lol. They were all mishaps, though, I promise!)

Travel Abroad or Travel locally Travel abroad! I love expanding my horizons. I’ve been very blessed to have been able to see Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Italy, and Switzerland. I LOVE traveling! It’s so much fun to see other places and cultures. My favorite has been South America, though. The people are amazing down there.

Glam Rock (like David Bowie) or Alternative Rock (like Liz Phair) Alternative rock. I love finding bands no one has heard of and spreading the word…plus the glam stuff is just too…glam. Hah. Give me Ben Harper, Iron & Wine, Black Keys, Muse, Bon Iver, and Bob Marley, and I can show you some amazing tuneage.

Email or Snail Mail I love getting good snail mail! Nothing beats it…but obviously email is much easier!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Power Rangers TMNT were totally BA, but the green power ranger was my long time crush. I swear someday I’ll find him and at least get a picture with Tommy. Ahhh, Tommy… ::goes off in dreamy state::

Transformers or Robots Transformers. I’d love to have my own personal Bumblebee!

Fall or Spring Fall by far. I love the changing of the leaves, the pumpkin everything imaginably possible, and thanksgiving.

Old school cartoons or New, sort of 3D-ish cartoons Old school cartoons! And Spongebob. I don’t think he counts as old school, but I love me some Spongebob. My nephew does, too, so we watch it together.

Reality TV or TV Drama TV Drama. I LOOOOOOVE The Vampire Diaries. Oh man. I get so mad and I end up yelling at the TV. My husband thinks I’m insane, which might be true, but it isn’t because of TVD.  I also like House. He’s so snarky! I wish I could think of one-liners off the cuff like he does. I’m envious.

Thank you again for visiting us today!  We appreciate the time you've taken with us.

For more on Megan Curd:

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  1. Huh I left a comment, but it didn't work. I love Oktoberfest, it's good stuff. And the TMNT's rock!! I watched that movie over and over again. I love reading interviews! Great post.

  2. Awesome Q&A! Gotta love The Vampire Diaries!

  3. Sudoku ROCKS!! And is really addictive! And Snail Mail ROCKS! Transformers ROCKS!

    Haha. Ok I'll stop now! Awesome post this is a great guest post!


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