My Wednesday Vlog for The YA Rebels

By: | Sep 28, 2011
So you all know I'm a Rebel :0) Well I'm putting my vlog up here each week in case you don't have to time go looking for it on You Tube. Click the banner below to be taken to our You Tube channel so you can SUBSCRIBE!!!!


  1. I love your Vlogs!!

    I a the Queen of procrastination - at least I thought I was... (And if there were really a show called "Worlds dumbest hillbillies" I would so watch...) LOL! (I love crappy tv!)

  2. There is!!! It's on Tru Tv. Lol! They do all kinds of "worlds dumbest!!" it's great!

  3. Ahaha! I'm good at procrastinating too! GLAD TO SEE ANOTHER CITYVILLE PLAYER! :D I also do a lot of "research" and usually it leads me to YT and 3 hours later I'll sit and wonder what I was originally supposed to be looking up besides all the Madonna music videos. ;D


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