21 November 2014

{Flashback Friday} Review: Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

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FLASH BACK FRIDAY is hosted by Swoony Boys Podcast & Fiction Fare and we LOVE it here on MMSAI – because it's not just the new books that deserve all the love!

This week Katie is doing a throwback review – on one of my favorite books! Enjoy!

clip_image002Scary Stories 3: More Tales to Chill Your Bones
Scary Stories #3
Author: Alvin Schwartz
Stephen Gammell
Release Date:
Scholastic, Inc.
4 Birds

Storytellers know — just as they have for hundreds and hundreds of years — that everyone enjoys a good, scary story!

Alvin Schwartz's Scary Stories 3 joins his other popular collections of scary folklore, Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark and More Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, to give readers spooky, funny and fantastic tales guaranteed to raise goose bumps.

Like many people, I originally read the Scary Stories series in elementary school. In fact, once I saw them at the Scholastic Book Fair, I knew these were my kind of book. Even as a youngster I was all about the weird and creepy. And boy did this book deliver.

As I re-read it last week, now in my mid-20’s, the stories don’t hold quite the same punch. Focused on bringing folklore and urban legends to modern kids, these short stories (micro-stories in some cases) really only give us the minimalist versions. As an adult, the words are very meh. As a kid, it is pure imagination fodder. All of the unknowns just needed to take shape in the darkest places of my mind. Especially at night.

What truly holds up over time and does the heavy lifting of the series are Stephen Gammell’s illustrations. If I ever see large prints of these, they’re going directly on my wall. They are disturbing in the best way and fueled the nightmares of countless readers (and even some who only saw the covers). Some of my adult friends are still creeped out by them to this day.

The Scary Stories series has been challenged over the years for various reasons, but the publishers stood behind them for decades. Recently they released a new version with tamer illustrations by Brett Helquist, who also illustrated A Series of Unfortunate Events. While these new illustrations aren’t bad, they just aren’t the same, and they definitely aren’t made of nightmares that will make you look fondly back at your adolescent terror.

If you’re a fan of horror, or just need a good scare on occasion, be sure to find yourself a copy of any of the original Scary Stories books with Gammell’s drawings. Trust me; you need this in your life.



20 November 2014

{Tweet-Along} Getting Ready for #IfIStayIn Tonight with Gayle Forman!

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One of the really cool things that I get to do as a blogger is review, not just books – but movies as well! When a book becomes a movie, this makes me extra happy! I've had the amazing opportunity to be an Official Ambassador for a a few book to movie titles for Fox Home Entertainment. (You might remember I did this for TFiOS and you guys got some awesome giveaways because of it!)

Well tonight I get to to participate in an AMAZING tweet-along with Gayle Forman, and SO DO YOU!!!

1. Follow @Cambio on Twitter and the #IfIStayIn to talk to Gayle Forman! She will be answering your questions, while watching along with us!

2. If you have IF I STAY, start it at 8PM EST/5PM PST and tweet along about the movie with us! If you don't have it – quick go buy it or get it on Video On Demand! I mean seriously, how do you not already have it?

2bCan't go grab it but really want it ? I've got you covered! I'm giving it away RIGHT NOW!

And just in time for the big tweet-along, I got my IF I STAY Official Ambassador kit in the mail! Thank you Fox Home Entertainment, and stay tuned for tweets and pics starting tonight with me using all these amazing items to watch IF I STAY for the FIRST TIME! Yes – my first time! I loved the book!



See you all tonight!!!

*Header Image from @IfIStayOfficial on Instagram

{Tweet-Along} With Gayle Forman!

Join Gayle Forman for a live If I Stay tweet-along on Cambio's (@Cambio) Twitter Tonight!!

Tweet your questions for her using #IfIStayIn!

There will also be a handful of IF I STAY Ambassadors, chosen by Fox Home Entertainment, tweeting the movie as we all watch it together. I will be one of them – follow my twitter to keep up with my thoughts (no promises on remaining spoiler free), and of course the hash tag #IfIStayIn to keep up with everything!


I am eagerly awaiting my package of goodies, which includes the movie for me to participate in the Tweet-Along tonight. Stay tuned to my Twitter and Instagram when it comes in, because there will be photos!!


*Image belongs to IFISTAYOFFICIAL on Instagram.

18 November 2014

{MMSAI Tours Presents} Skin Of My Teeth (Skinned #3, Vol 1) by Judith Graves Blog Tour

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MMSAI Tours is excited to bring you an exciting tour for SKIN OF MY TEETH, Skinned #3, Vol.1 by Judith Graves.

SKIN OF MY TEETH (Skinned #3)  will be released in 3 eBook Volumes over several months in 2015, and we're so excited to be touring Volume 1! Don't you worry, once all 3 volumes are out, you'll be able to get the book in paperback as well – but why wait when you can start in right now on the tour!

The first two books are available for readers new to this series!

Sign Ups Close on November 30th


About The Book


Skinned #3
Volume 1
Author: Judith Graves
Genre: Young Adult


· draw a card from the deck
· kill or be killed
· and if you’re lucky, repeat…

Hidden agendas, deep, dark secrets, and monsters lurking around every locker. It’s business as usual at Redgrave High for Eryn and her crew of paranorm hunters – they plan to capture and cure Brit’s brother from his tormented existence, Eryn is reunited with her father’s beta, and Redgrave’s origins are revealed.

Although the two guys vying for Eryn’s heart just might have to up their game. Enter hot, wolven guy stage left. Is he the one Alec’s blood magic foretold? He is, if Eryn’s knocking pulse has anything to say about it. The tale-tell sound is driving Wade mad. But it’s Eryn’s move, and everyone is holding their breath.

A little healthy competition soon becomes all-out survival of the fittest as the crew are pitted against a pack of demons trading souls – for keeps. The student population is enamored with a new card game, Boroughs Quest. Kids are desperate to get their hands on gilded cards from a mysterious expansion deck, but when they do…

It’s all fun and games ’til somebody dies.

Check out the first 2 books in the SKINNED series!
Skinned #1                      Skinned #2

About The Author


Judith Graves has multiple young adult novels and short stories published with Leap Books, Orca Book Publishers, Compass Press, and, under the pen name, Judith Tewes, is also published with Bloomsbury Spark. In addition, Judith is an award-winning screenwriter and playwright, writes freelance articles for literary magazines, and facilitates writing workshops for both adults and young adults. She lives in northern Alberta with her husband and three crazy labs.

**Giveaway Coming Soon**

{Top Ten Tuesday} Ten Sequels I Can't Wait To Get

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. It was created because of their love of lists! I myself love lists as well - so you will see it frequently popping up on MMSAI.

This Weeks Topic is:

Top Ten Sequels I Can't Wait To Get


HALF WILD Half Bad #2 by Sally Green – HALF BAD blew me away last year, and I have been thinking about what's coming next for, what feels like forever!

GET DIRTY Don't Get Mad #2 by Gretchen McNeil – this woman knows her cliffhangers…I'd say it was an unfair ending, but in reality it was KILLER (pun intended) I need this one so I can know all the answers!

THE GOOD GIRLS The Perfectionists #2 by Sara Shepard – I have been bothering the snot out of my contact at HarperTeen for this since I rand the read-along for book one last month…I think they want it to come out more than me, so I stop asking about it *wink*

CHARMED The Witch Hunter #2 by Michelle Krys – OMG Bishop. I need more. The first book, HEXED, is the witch book that changed my perspective on all witch books!


THE REMEDY The Program 0.5 by Suzanne Young – okay technically not a sequel, but still this world is so cool I can't wait to read more in it!

A GIRL UNDONE A Girl Called Fearless #2 by Catherine Linka – A Girl Called Fearless was amazing, and I am so in need of knowing what happens next! So suspenseful, such a cool concept!!!

THE DARK WATER The Well's End #2 by Dan Wells – This book arrived last year with an amazing little blue vial, with a note inside of it. It was an immediate attention grabber – the book lived up to it's awesome packaging and then some!

LOVE ON THE LEDGE On The Verge #2 by Zoraida Cordova – Daum! That first book is steamy! Bring on the bartender and cook combo for book two, and do it fast!

UNTITLED Firebird #2 by Claudia Gray – This book doesn't have a cover OR a title, but that is not stopping me from being desperate for wanting it!

THE REPLACED The Taking #2 by Kimberly Derting – I'm cheating here, I haven't read the first in the series but it's next on my TBR and I'm happy that book two is out sooner, rather than later because Kim's books have a way of making me want to dive right into what's next right away!

What are you waiting for, sequel-wise? Let me know in the comments!


{Book Birthday + Excerpt} Tail Lights by Connie SMith

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About The Book

Tail Lights ebook


Preston and Nick endured the breakup of all breakups when Nick accused her of cheating on him. He insisted, and she denied while the rain pounded against her driveway and thunder roared in the distance. Then they both ran – Preston to a life of Rock and Roll, and Nick to a career in the Army.
Over four years later, they’re damaged and broken almost beyond repair. He’s carrying baggage from his military days, and she bears the scars of living a lifestyle she’s grown to hate.
When Preston’s label forces her to take time away from music, their paths cross in a parking lot not twenty-four hours after her hometown return, anger and sparks flying in a confusing blend. But regardless of the feelings neither has been able to shake, too many lies and secrets stand in the way of the one thing they need in order to recover.
Each other.

unnamed (8)

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Surprisingly, he was leaving his apartment when I reached his floor, and he smiled at me like no animosity existed between us. “Hey, Preston.”

Hey, Preston,” I mocked, then held up the figurine and fastened a glare on him. “Take it back.”

He had the nerve to smirk. “How do you know I gave that to you?”

“Who else would leave a dolphin on my doorstep besides the guy who knows I love dolphins and wants to suddenly fix four years’ worth of betrayal?” His smirk disappeared, and I shoved the object closer to him. “Take it back.”

He shook his head. “I don’t want it back.”

“Well, I don’t want it ether.” When he arched a brow, I rolled my eyes. “Okay, it’s cute. It’s absolutely adorable, and it would look fantastic on my end table, but I can’t take this.”

“Why not?”

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